Was it blue and black, or gold and white? This question took the Internet by storm several days ago, as thousands of people voiced an opinion on the real colors of #TheDress. (If you somehow missed the sensation, click here to see a New York Times article, with photos.)

At Draper, we felt like the entire episode served as a great reminder about the importance of color accuracy when delivering content.

TecVision_XH700X_XT1100XColor accuracy is one of the key advantages of Draper’s TecVision Engineered Screen Technology. With certifications by the Imaging Science Institute, we know that the colors projected onto these surfaces will be exactly as the content creator wish them to be seen—if the projector has been calibrated of course!

TecVision started just a year ago with five surfaces in the line, with Draper promising to deliver additional formulations as the need arose. We added another surface over the summer and now, with the publication of our 2015 AV Price List, are announcing the addition of two new TecVision viewing surfaces.

TecVision XT1100X White offers an extra wide viewing cone and typical contrast with an on-axis gain of 1.1 TecVision XT1100X White performs best when projector brightness and screen size mean that a minimal increase in gain is needed. Like all TecVision surfaces, XT1100X White offers superior quality and uniformity, and is also available as an acoustically transparent surface.

TecVision XH700X Grey combines an extra wide viewing cone and high contrast, with an on-axis gain of 0.7. TecVision XH700X Grey is designed for blending applications on curved or flat screens where ambient light is present.

Like all other TecVision surfaces, both XT1100X White and XH700X Grey are certified by the Imaging Science Foundation for color accuracy, and are 4K ready.

For more information on Draper’s TecVision Engineered Screen Technology, visit www.draperinc.com/go/tecvision.htm.

For more on how important color accuracy is in screens, and for information on ISF certification, click here for a free white paper.

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