Omega_Bender_01Here at Draper we have a solution for pretty much any solar control requirement. Fixed exterior louvers; custom fabric structures; roller shades: You name it, we can do it. Of all the solutions we offer, probably the most effective is our Omega Exterior Venetian Blinds.

When considering solar control, most people think of reducing heat gain. Energy from the sun, however, also includes the visible spectrum so the control of natural daylight is also very important. An effective solar control system deals with heat gain while allowing as much natural daylight into the building as possible—and in a way that doesn’t cause glare issues.

Omega_Bender_03Some of the key requirements we believe a high performing shading system should address include:

  1. Effective shading: The system needs to provide complete shading when there is sun on the façade;
  2. Adjustability: The selected solution has to deal with varying sun angles over the course of the day and the year;
  3. Light control: The system still should allow as much controllable light into the building as possible; and
  4. Flexibility: The shading system should be able to allow heat gain into the building during the winter months, if required.

Recently, Richard Wilson, BCs, BCom, Draper’s consultant for Exterior Solar Control Solutions, put together a piece for Construction Canada detailing the various reasons why Exterior Venetian Blinds are the most effective way of providing solar control. Richard has taken his original notes on the subject and created a white paper, which is available as a free PDF by clicking here.

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