If the latest projection screen innovation from Draper, Inc., seems to have come out of nowhere, that’s because it has.Transporter_Control

Draper has announced a completely new way of thinking about projection screens with the introduction of its all-new Transporter series. At the touch of a button, the Transporter screen appears out of thin air, ready for viewing at a moment’s notice. When you’re done viewing, another button press causes the screen to vanish before your eyes.

“We’ve come a long way in the world of projection screen technology, but there was still one area we had yet to perfect,” according to Bob Mathes, AV/Video Marketing Manager for Draper. “We could never totally get around the problem of needing space above the ceiling for a screen and projector.

“We have now beaten that problem.”

Draper’s Transporter series works on a simple premise: screens are stored in temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouses around the world, hanging and ready for use. When the user “hits the switch”, the screen is instantly dematerialized into an energy pattern, then rematerialized in place using Draper’s patented “Beam Up” technology, ready to use.

“In addition to the ease of use for the end user, these screens are also perfect for viewing in any environment,” according to Mathes. “One of the residual effects of the Beam-Up technology is something we call “Light Reactive Response.”

This so-called LRR effect makes the screens react to the existing lighting conditions. Gain, contrast, viewing angles, and other characteristics immediately match the room perfectly, so each screen provides the optimum viewing experience.

In addition to screens, Draper’s Beam-Up technology is also available on the company’s new line of Transporter Projector Lifts.

Standard control solutions include wall switch, IR or RF remote, and wearable RF badge. Draper also offers optional voice recognition control, which activates the screen with the simple command of “computer, screen please.”

For more information, contact Draper or your local Draper dealer. Meanwhile, watch this video for information about all of Draper’s new products so far in 2015!

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