Several new and improved products appear in Draper’s 2015 AV Price List, but the one with the smallest footprint will have a big impact on simplifying your control interface options.

After years of using the LVC-III as our main low voltage controller for screens and projector lifts, Draper has announced a new, more powerful solution for projection screen control. The LVC-IV offers many of the same advantages of the LVC-III, along with several new and exciting features.

LVC_IVThe LVC-IV now makes built-in low voltage control available in larger screens, and in new models: the built-in low voltage controller is now offered with the Premier and Targa (although this will add 2” to the Premier case length and 1-1/2″ to the Targa case length when built in to those two screen models).

The new LVC-IV design creates better separation between the High and Low Voltage Sides, making it easier to access the area you need and make the proper connections.

With contact closure, built-In RF receiver, built-in Video Interface (VIC) for 3-28 Volts DC, and a mini-plug connection for IR Receiver, the LVC-IV is more flexible that its predecessor. It can use VIC and switch in combination, with no VIC-Override Switch needed. There are also two RJ25 ports for serial communication (RS232/RS485).

For those interested in just controlling the screen by using a low voltage trigger from a projector or receiver, Draper will still offer the VIC-6, VIC-12 and VIC-OS for the time being. These are a very popular option in residential applications, and are listed in the Home Theatre Price List.

To learn more, including pricing, check out your copy of Draper’s 2015 price list. You can also click here then click the “Low Voltage Control” link for more information and a photo of Draper’s all-new updated low voltage control, the LVC-IV.

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