Earlier this year Draper sponsored a photo contest called Draper Install … or, more properly, #DraperInstall. We asked you to submit of photos of Draper products installed in various settings, and post them on social media with the hashtag #DraperInstall. The idea behind this contest was to help us find more pictures of Draper products in nice settings, and also to help Draper dealers benefit from particularly nice installations by rewarding them with a free photo shoot.

The results are in, and Draper was so pleased with the response that we will be running the contest again, probably in 2016. Draper Publications Designer Mike Feeney coordinated #DraperInstall.

DraperInstall_Featured“When I look at the photo collection as a whole, I am pleased to see that we received a wide variety of installation types,” Mike says. “We saw corporate boardrooms and training rooms, university classrooms, a church, a restaurant, a hotel, a home theater, a large venue, a multipurpose room, and even a bowling alley. “

Draper received a range of photo styles, from cell phone snapshots to images taken by experienced photographers with high end camera equipment. All of these photo styles were welcome in this contest, and the quality of the camera did not necessarily play a part in choosing the most striking installations.

Eleven #DraperInstall entries received gift cards, and four will be offered the opportunity to receive free photos from a professional shoot paid for by Draper. The four dealers receiving this top-tier award include ClarkPowell for their photo of an installation at the Family Dollar corporate headquarters; Contract Décor, for a PF Chang’s shade installation; Points East for an Edgeless Clarion installed in a church; SAVE, for their installations for Main Event Entertainment; and SparkAV, for a photo of a Draper motorized screen install at Sobey’s.

“The images that stand out to me the most from this collection are the bowling alley with its dramatic and vividly colored room lighting, the boardrooms with their clean lines and professional atmosphere, and the restaurant where our shades blend in seamlessly with the interior design.” Mike says, adding “It was encouraging to me to see Draper products installed in such a variety of spaces, and I look forward to seeing what our next contest will yield!”

Below is a gallery of all the winning images. Meanwhile, if you have some cool installation photos to share, you don’t have to wait until next year’s contest! Simply post them using your favorite social media platform, and be sure to tag Draper! You can find us on Twitter at @DraperInc and @DraperAV; Facebook as Facebook.com/DraperInc; Google Plus as +DraperInc; LinkedIn as linkedin.com/company/draper-inc; and Instagram as draperinc.


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