When a young German couple approached a Pennsylvania architect to design their new home, they already knew what they wanted.

Omega_Bender_Outside_02“We’d work and massage the thoughts through drawings and modeling to arrive at the designs and aesthetics all were happy with,” according to Matt Forsythe of Archer & Buchanan Architects in West Chester, Pennsylvania, who adds that this process included window treatments. “They expressed their desire for exterior solar shading due to familiarity and usefulness they have with it on their homes abroad.”

Forsythe says his main concerns were finding the right solution that provided enough visual transparency from the house outward, while providing privacy and protection from the sun.

“Frequent high winds in this area were also a concern so we needed a product that would withstand the weather and maintain functionality,” Forsythe recalls. “We also needed a system that looked intentional and not something that looked like a glommed on after-thought.

Dealer Nuance Shading worked with Draper’s Solar Control Solutions Consultant, Richard Wilson, Forsythe, and the builder—Norcini Construction—on the project. Nuance’s Christopher Cafiero points out that exterior blinds are the most energy efficient product on the market and were the best solution for this beautiful home. Due to the client’s specific needs, exterior Omega Venetian Blinds were recommended.

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