Today’s Why Draper spotlight shines on Jim Hoodlebrink Ross Rhoades (sorry Ross-couldn’t resist)! Ross (CSI, CDT) is our Regional Sales Manager for the Lower Midwest, which includes Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

IMG_0058 1How did you come to be working at Draper?
After being in the Restaurant Industry for 10 years my best friend from high school—Scott Denhart told me his brother (Lee Denhart) was looking for someone to cover the New York Metro area so I went through the process and here I am 16 years later. I worked in the corporate office for 10 years covering New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and in April of 2010 we moved to the Nashville area where I assumed responsibility for a new territory in the south.

What do you like best about your job?
I have been blessed to meet some really good people in all the states I have covered over the years, and have made many friends who I still keep in contact with today. From when I started this career to now there have been many changes which has brought many challenges and that keeps things very interesting. Being in the field selling is what I have always enjoyed—sales is something that I enjoy and the challenges that come with this competitive industry keep it from getting boring that is for sure. I have also enjoyed the many people that I work with at Draper over the years.

You make the call: Does Jim (left) look anything like Ross (right)?

You make the call: Does Jim (left) look anything like Ross (right)?

What are some of your funniest moments at Draper?
There are many things I could write about, but I would say that being mistaken for Jim Hoodlebrink has been cause for many funny moments. From trade shows to people in the office, even accounts I have called on, they have all mistaken me for Jim … this always amazed me since I am clearly better looking. On one occasion I had a lady come into my office when I worked in Spiceland and read me the riot act for not responding to an email and then she realized her mistake and said “oh you are not Jim” … too funny.

What do you like to do in your time away from Draper?
I spend most of my free time cycling and playing golf. I have also started hiking with my wife, and I am involved in a church plant here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

IMG_0019Tell us about your family:
I have been married to my wife Shelley for 24 years and have two daughters … Megan, who is married with one daughter and works in the corporate office for State Farm here in Murfreesboro, and Anna, who will be a sophomore at MTSU in the fall majoring in economics … oh yeah two Yorkies that don’t have a brain between them.

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