Draper was recently on yet another list of top corporate wellness programs in the United States. This time, the SnackNation blog said Draper has one of “39 Kick-Ass Corporate Wellness Programs to Copy.” (You can read the entire post here.)

The people who make it happen-our Wellness Committee

The people who make it happen-our Wellness Committee

In their entry about Draper, SnackNation (a provider of healthy office snacks) said this about our wellness program.

… this small company packs a big punch in regards to corporate wellness for employees. It offers an on-site wellness center, health challenges with sizeable prizes, and a wellness committee to help perpetuate programs.

Such kudos are nothing new for the Draper wellness program, of course. Earlier this year ours was one of seven programs covered in an article on Mashable (read our post here). Our program has also been the subject of articles in publications including the Indiana Business Journal and Fortune.

But why does Draper’s program get so much attention? Sure, we were named America’s Healthiest Workplace in 2014, but what really turns people on about our wellness efforts?

We asked Linda Brinson, Draper’s Safety and Wellness Director, and she came up with a few reasons she thinks people—and other companies—love our wellness program.

When I’m asked what is striking a chord with people—and other companies—about Draper’s wellness program, I have to go back to one question: Why are companies interested in wellness?

Here are a few possible reasons:

  • For Draper, there is one big reason for our success: top management support.
  • Other companies are becoming more aware of the wellness buzz, but they don’t necessarily know how or where to start … maybe not even why to start … and they look to other companies for some guidance.
  • So others are looking at our creative ideas for programs and great incentives to participate.
  • The benefits are huge!
    • Increased Productivity.
    • Reduced absenteeism.
    • Increased morale.
    • Healthy employees cost less!
  • It’s our future. With the disturbing news about childhood obesity and the underlying health issues due to this, we all should be working together to improve the health of our families—our children—our future.

There you have it!

Employees making use of the Draper Wellness Park.

Employees making use of the Draper Wellness Park.

Thanks Linda!

Wait–while I’m here, let me also mention a few tips to get started on a corporate wellness program:

  • Gain top management support
  • Start small and use low cost programs to raise awareness
  • Be consistent

OK, I’m done now.

OK … once again, thanks Linda! (Linda really gets excited about wellness!)

For more information on Draper in general, you can click here.

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