Today’s Why Draper subject is one of those people who never seems to be standing still, as his job in Draper’s Quality Department keeps him very busy. One of Scott Blankenship’s occasional tasks-and probably his least favorite-is to don his white lab coat and stand in for photos in Draper’s testing facility. At least we don’t make him do it very often!

ScottBlankHow did you come to be working at Draper?
I grew up in New Castle (a few miles up the road from Spiceland) and always knew Draper was a great place to work and active in the Henry County community. I worked at a maximum security prison for around five years and the stress of that job was really wearing on me. I knew a couple of Draper employees, and they were nice enough to submit my resume just as Draper was preparing to hire several new employees (in 2004). I was lucky enough to get an interview and get hired. I was promoted to the Quality Department in 2007 and have been in that role since.

What do you like best about your job?
My job is challenging and rewarding. It is fast paced and ever-changing. My job title is Quality Test Technician, and one of my major responsibilities is testing and analyzing projection screen materials. I have learned a lot about the science behind projection over the last few years, and I enjoy sharing that knowledge with my co-workers.

From left to right:  Tara, Harley, Ryan, Tyler, and Scott. Front: Elijah.

From left to right: Tara, Harley, Ryan, Tyler, and Scott.
Front: Elijah.

What are some of your funniest moments at Draper?
So many. I have shed so many tears laughing at Pam Badgley. Ask her about shutting down the Statue of Liberty during a visit. Kelly Lowhorn and Dennis Peavie have been victimized with Justin Bieber and Tom Brady water slide (Google it) desktop wallpapers repeatedly. I am in a fantasy football league that is all Draper employees. The last place team each season gets a new team name the following season – picked by the other people in the league. We can’t print any of those team names here.

What do you like to do in your time away from Draper?
When I’m not at work, I’m typically watching one of my four kids at a sporting event with my wife, Tara. She works at Draper as a hardware cutter in the Shade Department. We are a blended family of six. Ryan is almost 18 and is our oldest daughter. She is entering her senior year this fall. She plays basketball and runs track. Harley is almost 17 and will be a junior. She does gymnastics and is on the tennis team. Tyler is 14 and will be in eighth grade. He is a basketball player. Elijah just turned seven and will be a second grader this year. He has tried almost every sport we can think of, and seems to like basketball and football the best. Despite all of the extra-curricular activities, all four kids are able to maintain their grades, and that makes us very proud parents.

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