One of my reps nailed my personality last week during a conference call. He told me I was a “doer.” He said that it was a good thing. Being reintroduced to the residential market here at Draper, there’s a lot to be done to energize the market and even our own people. My rep may be happy that I’m a doer now, but in three months when I’m pushing him to do more, he may not like that trait so much. Sometimes I don’t like that trait! It stresses me out …

Amy_HatsI read a blog by Todd Anthony Puma titled “Dealing with AV Schizophrenia.” While he was writing from the dealer perspective, I felt his pain. He talks about all the different hats that he wears in this business (click here to read Todd’s full post).

I could do the same:

Monday I’m a product manager for our lifts trying to facilitate interaction between sales, production, and our dealers.

Tuesday I’m the window shade expert, which by the way, I am so NOT the expert. I’ve been out of this for a few years and have a LOT to catch up on.

Wednesday I’m the market manager trying to round up my rep firms and regional sales managers to determine the best way to reintroduce Draper to the residential market.

Thursday I’m a booth designer trying to get ready for CEDIA.

Friday I’m our national account liaison planning conference calls and drowning in reports.

Oh … and every day I’m a mom and wife and daughter and friend … the roles we live are endless. Luckily I handle stress pretty well. I like to see projects finished. I like to inspire people to do and be more than they already are. I like this industry because it forces me to do the same. I have to adapt and change—never a dull moment.

Draper is constantly changing. In 2015 we’ve already launched 10+ new products across our three product lines. We’ve hired 25+ people. While I wouldn’t call my life or my job “schizophrenic,” I would say that I’m a bit crazy to love both just the way they are.

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