We’re always on the lookout for new ways to tell people about our products … to show them the benefits and explain why our products should be used.

Gary_AVEThe best way to do this is by finding stories about our products and how they impact people and projects. Such stories can really make a connection with people in a way that plain old product descriptions and sales pitches can’t.

The folks in marketing call this content marketing. Terry Coffey recently blogged on the subject.

A couple of weeks ago, a fantastic story about one of our projection screen surfaces came in from our UK subsidiary, Draper Group Ltd. Apparently an HVAC engineer in England had loved our ReAct viewing surface so much that he not only bought one for himself, but started his own AV business and became a Draper dealer.

Even though I’ve sort of given away the plot (I guess I should have typed “spoiler alert” above), I think this is a great story, and you can read it on the Draper UK blog. Click here for the full story of how Draper’s ReAct MS1000V helped one man in finding his passion!

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