Ahhhhh, October. Here in Indiana the leaves are turning, the corn and beans are dried enough to harvest, and pumpkin spiced everything is everywhere.

Buried Under PumpkinsThis used to bug me. The pumpkin spice thing, not the crops or the leaves. I love autumn. But in recent years, it’s as if the Autumnal equinox hits and suddenly the entire world can’t consume any food or drink unless it’s pumpkin spiced. We’ve moved way beyond lattes: There are now pumpkin spiced doggie treats, buttery spreads, marshmallows, gelatin, burgers, bagels, and cookies.

Things have gotten so crazy that I’m pretty sure the Spice Girls could never have a reunion/comeback unless they added Pumpkin to their lineup.

I was dreading the onset of another season of Pumpkin Spiced Doom when Jason Schober, our Marketing Data Specialist here at Draper, sent me a very simple email:

Dude. Pumpkin Spice Window Shades.

At first I laughed. Then I reached for something heavy to throw. But then I realized something: Jason was onto a winner.

Think about it! Pumpkin Spice Window Shades! I could already see the marketing tagline: “Every time you roll down a Draper Pumpkin Spice Window Shade, you unroll a whiff of autumn.”

TecVision_SpiceWe took the idea to engineering and were surprised when they came back with a quick approval. Before they all took a company van to the local coffee shop for lattes, they also suggested some other products.

So we are now proud to announce the availability, for a limited time only, of Draper’s Pumpkin Spice Product Line!

In addition to shades, we are also currently offering the all new TecVision Pumpkin Spice viewing surface! This precision engineered screen utilizes a unique combination of ingredients to enhance your viewing experience. Will the image look any better? Probably not, due to specks of nutmeg and cinnamon placed strategically on the surface. And it may make things look a little … orange. But how about gain and contrast? Jason’s answer to that is “Who cares!? You’ll be in pumpkin spice heaven, my friend!” And with a full 180 degree viewing (and smelling) cone, everyone will be able to enjoy equally.

Lette_LiftBut the coup de grace is our all-new, all-genius line of Pumpkin Spice Latte Lifts! Yes, Draper, the industry leader in concealing AV technology above the ceiling or below a counter, has done it again! You’ll be sitting there with your friends, when someone will ask about going to the coffee shop for a hit of pumpkin spice. You can smile, hit the button on your orange remote, and out of nowhere will come a fresh, steamy Pumpkin Spice Latte! The Pumpkin Spice Latte Lift is available in ceiling-recessed and credenza models.

Seriously, how awesome is that?

Remember to act now, though. These products are only being offered during the month of October!

Or, perhaps, Jason (who contributed to this so blame him too) and I have just created an all new holiday: October Fools’ Day!

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