This week the Why Draper spotlight begins shining on our award-winning customer service department. First up is Beverly Ferguson, Draper’s Customer Service Manager. Beverly is one of those people who seems to be constantly in motion during the weekday. She has to be; it’s probably the only way she can keep up!

Bev_3How did you come to be working at Draper?
Then-company President Luther Pidgeon and my Father, who was the local minister, had discussed that I was available for work. Luther Pidgeon called me at home, getting me out of bed at 11:50, to come in for an interview. My first job was in the accounting department. I sat next to a long time employee with a very large personality. He was my first experience with understanding people dynamics in the workforce. I am now the Customer Service Manager and have worked at Draper 33 years in July.

What do you like best about your job?
I love getting to know our customers and sorting out the concerns they may have. I have many wonderful and interesting people that I talk to everyday. I take satisfaction in knowing that Draper has a heart for the customer and quality minded.

What are some of your funniest moments at Draper?

Beverly with her son (center) and husband (r).

Beverly with her son (center) and husband (r).

Luther Pidgeon used to call me speedy. He loved to watch me hand invoice out the 3 ply copy and hear me stamp the ship date. Of course, that was back in the day before computers, when all paper processing was done by hand. Years later, I passed Luther on State Road Three coming in to work. He never let me live it down that my “Speedy” name still fit. I reminded him that I DID need to get to work on time. We have many more humorous stories within our Customer Service department from wearing two different shoes, to answering the phone “Can you help me?” (instead of “May I help you?”), to saying goodbye to a customer and instead saying “I love you too.” We and our customers have had a good laugh some days.

What do you like to do in your time away from Draper?            

Beverly's daughter and son.

Beverly’s daughter and her fiance.

I am an avid reader and love series books. I enjoy music, visiting colleges to listen to various authors, and participating in the Emmaus Community. I first and foremost love spending time with family and friends. I have recently starting going to Notre Dame games. Go Irish! I have two Dachshunds that I enjoy walking and they keep me laughing at the funny things that they do.

Tell us about your family:
photo4I have been married to my husband Matt for 32 years. My daughter Elizabeth is 27 and has completed a degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Ball State University. She will graduate as an RN in nursing in May. We are in the process of also planning her wedding which will be in May 2016. We look forward to welcoming Thom into our family. We will truly miss her but know we have gained a great guy as a son-in-law. My son Ethan is 25 and graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in Bio/Chem. He is currently in his fourth year at Indiana University Medical School in Indianapolis. Ethan enjoys cycling with our church group and participates in cycling events and teams for Notre Dame and IU med group. We love watching him race but it can be scary at the same time.

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