A couple of weeks ago Residential Market Manager Amy Madden shared her thoughts on CEDIA 2015, and now it’s my turn!

Before CEDIA even started, Amy and I were on hand for a three-day training class with Joel Silver, the co-founder of the Imaging Science Foundation.

Amy, Joel Silver, and Terry during a break in ISF training.

Amy, Joel Silver, and Terry during a break in ISF training.

During those three intense days, we learned about global standards, 3D mathematical imaging models, front panel controls, two point color balance, color management, basic video processing, aspect ratios, and the process of calibrating projectors, televisions, and source components so the picture is as color correct and appropriate for viewing conditions as possible.

While the information on how to professionally calibrate was interesting, our main reason for participating in the training and getting our ISF certification was so we could more fully understand the impact of projection screens and other factors on an image … and communicate that to our customers and the AV industry as a whole. We will be doing that soon … meanwhile, this white paper will help.

Terry with the CEDIA marketing team.

Terry with the CEDIA marketing team.

After three days of sitting in a dim classroom, staring at multiple projection screens and flat panel displays, I think we were all ready for the excitement of the CEDIA show floor. We were wondering how the opening morning of the show would go—this was Amy’s first CEDIA as our Residential Market Manager, and the last couple of CEDIA shows had been a bit slow for us.

We didn’t have to wonder for long.

Almost as soon as the doors opened on Day 1, the Draper booth was flooded with dealers and rep firms, there to check out our award-winning Optically Seamless TecVision and Access Fit, among other things. In fact, the show was so busy even Exhibits Manager Roger Cecil and I were called upon to help answer questions and work the booth.

CEDIA's new logo on display in their show booth.

CEDIA’s new logo on display in their show booth.

It wasn’t just us: The show set new attendance records and there was generally a lot of excitement in the air. The marketing and show planning folks at CEDIA did a great job, and they had a lot to do. In addition to planning and promoting the show, they also announced a rebranding of CEDIA. A new logo was introduced, and a new CEO—Vin Bruno—was announced. The show will now be known as the CEDIA Future Home Experience, and CEDIA announced a new vision statement as well: “Life Lived Best at Home.” According to a release from CEDIA, their new brand strategy includes the following:

Aligning education programs to meet integrators where they are, whether new or seasoned, and provide development pathways to help them move to the next level

Developing and facilitating new community-building initiatives for year-round networking, mentorship and idea sharing

Connecting integrators and manufacturers to leverage new technology and expand prosperity

Leveraging emerging technology and trendspotting to identify new revenue streams

Introducing a new sophisticated visual identity that better represents the industry and membership

Terry gets ready to record a video with rAVe videographer Kayla Blevins.

Terry gets ready to record a video with rAVe videographer Kayla Blevins.

In between helping out in the booth, I did have other duties that took me away. As Draper’s External Communications Specialist, one of my tasks is to make contact with media representatives. This year I was also one of the #CEDIATweeps chosen by CEDIA, so I had duties involving social media promotion of show events and highlights. One of those highlights for me was the CEDIA New Product Awards, held in the swanky and stylish new-look CEDIA booth. Although Draper did not win, we were the only projection screen manufacturer to make the finals—and we did it twice, with Optically Seamless TecVision and the Access Fit! Meanwhile Our LightBloc ZIP and Access Fit were both honored with Exc!te Awards form Technology Integrator Magazine.

Amy with Residential Systems Editor Jeremy Glowacki.

Amy with Residential Systems Editor Jeremy Glowacki.

Another highlight was sitting down for a few minutes and recording a podcast segment with the folks from AV Nation. Tim, Matt, Victoria, et. al. are not only very professional and knowledgeable, but also just good people. Tim half- joked that he wasn’t used to twisting the arm of a PR person to have them appear on a show. That did make me smile, because the last thing I want to come across as is a “PR” person!

In all, as Amy alluded to in her earlier post, it was a very busy and successful CEDIA for Draper. Our products—especially Optically Seamless TecVision—were very well received and we got some pretty good press from our awards and product introductions. Below is a by no means complete list of links to press coverage and videos regarding our CEDIA presence. Feel free to check out a few of them!

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