When you ride waves, you are always behind. You’re always trying to catch up to the latest trend. Because you’re always following, you’re never ahead. For years, we rode the waves. We sold matt white…over and over again. In our defense, Draper did offer other surfaces, but our sales staff, myself included, didn’t really know how or why to sell them. Then came TecVision.

Onyx_SurfingWith TecVision, we crafted a line of surfaces that, when paired with a quality projector, can rival any of the best flatpanel images. 4K? We are ready for 8K! We make each surface individually, thus controlling the gain, contrast, and gloss; therefore controlling uniformity. We truly believe we have the best projection surfaces on the market. We aren’t just selling matt white anymore!

Yes TecVision surfaces are more expensive than “good ole” matt white, but they give our dealers a level of flexibility never had before. If there is a lot of light in a room, the habit is to throw a brighter projector at the screen. Typically this costs more money, sometimes a lot of money. Now you have different surface options available that can boost brightness and contrast without the negative effects to viewing angles that existed before…at a fraction of the cost of that brighter projector. Even a flat panel has difficulties in a bright room. Can we say glare? That’s one problem projection screens don’t have!

I recently read an article in Installation Magazine about projectors and flat panels. A handful of projector manufacturers were quoted, talking about the evolution of projection and why projectors are still relevant – greater size flexibility, short throw lenses, higher brightness, longer running hours, interactivity, etc. Ian McMurray says, “In recent years flatpanel displays have moved in on what has traditionally been the core projection market, however projection technology has remained resilient through its flexibility and versatility for a variety of applications.” This includes the development of TecVision!

Paragon/Series V

Paragon/Series V

The TecVision launch coincided with InfoComm’s release of recommended contrast standards for various install applications like passive viewing environments, analytical decision making, and full motion video. We needed to educate the market, and ourselves, on how and why screen surfaces, like TecVision, affected these contrast ratios. Therefore we built the Projection Planner. Answer a few questions, and the planner will guide you to the perfect surface. This tool, and a lot of training, has allowed us to become the experts again. I even sat through three days of training to become Imaging Science Foundation certified! Why? Because our TecVision surfaces are ISF certified!

Of course one of the biggest points has been the size advantage screens have over flat panels. Sure, flat panels have been getting bigger, but they still aren’t big enough for “mixed use”—the combination of presentation, HD video, and detailed content with small fonts—especially in large rooms more than about 7.7 meters long.

Today we are making the waves, not riding them. Yes, making waves with projection. TecVision isn’t a fad. It’s an investment. It’s the future of projection, now.

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