One of the most important benefits of Draper’s 8K-ready and ISF-certified TecVision screen surfaces is the ability to provide a high performance solution that speaks to specific room conditions. In this new case study, entitled TecVision Turns on the Lights, we can see how TecVision XH900X Grey allowed a bright image with excellent contrast even in a lighted conference room.

20151109_135638[1]In the “old days,” when it came time to put a projection system in a conference room standard practice was to simply install a matt white screen and hope the users would remember to close the window treatments or turn down the lights.

That practice is on the wane now as a variety of projection screen surfaces that reject ambient light are readily available, but it hasn’t gone away completely, as Gary Jefferies discovered when he was called in to revamp the AV in a conference room. What Jefferies, the CEO and Owner of SYNC Technology Integration of Fishers, Indiana, found was a 10-year-old installation featuring a Draper Matt White screen and a Dell DLP projector.

“The clients were mainly concerned about bringing the room more into today’s technology, but were heavily concerned about a brighter image as well as more of a widescreen format,” according to Jefferies. “They did not like the fact that they had to completely turn off all lights and close all shades to even begin to make out an image.”

Jefferies says they also wanted a simple-to-use system where they could easily switch between sources. But his main concern was to improve screen legibility and brightness when lights had to be on in the room. The first part of that equation—the projector—was handled with the 6200 ANSI lumen Barco PGWX-61b Projector. The second half of the equation, however—the screen—was a little trickier. Jefferies knew the choice would come down to room layout and light levels.

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