With March Madness underway, the nation’s eyes are now going to be glued to screens of all types and sizes as fans hope their team will advance.

A Custom Printed Background used as a press conference background at Michigan State.

A Custom Printed Background used as a press conference background at Michigan State.

Usually we take this opportunity to share a list of schools in the “Big Dance” that play or practice on Draper basketball backstops.

This year, however, I thought we’d mention a Draper product that you might not even realize comes from Draper—and it’s one that is used by the team many are picking to go all the way.When most people think of a sports facility, they picture things like basketball goals, volleyball nets, bleachers, and other sports equipment.

But that’s only just the start.

Among the other areas of gym design, one is especially a result of the huge interest in and publicity for sports.

I’m talking about custom backgrounds for sports applications.

Custom backgrounds are full color graphics can be used to customize a sports facility.

Michigan State University is among NCAA schools using a custom background as a press conference backdrop.

Our custom backgrounds are also used as event backdrops, video conferencing backgrounds, step-and-repeat photo setups, and more. Whether you want to feature your school logo, a full color graphic, or inspirational message, Draper can create a custom background that will make your message unforgettable.

We’ve printed backgrounds to commemorate championships and top players; to be used as media backdrops; and even special party and corporate event backgrounds.

Draper_MichiganStateUniversity2Michigan State uses two more of our backdrops to serve as inspiration to football players as they make their way down a hallway and out onto the field.

Our Motorized Backgrounds are ceiling recessed or wall/ceiling mounted Custom Printed Backgrounds that can be raised or lowered with the touch of a remote or wall switch.

We also offer Manual, Portable, and Fixed Panel Backgrounds.

In addition to vinyl backgrounds, we can provide custom printing on virtually any of our window shade products. Large graphics can even be printed across multiple shades for even greater impact.

There’s also an environmental aspect to Draper’s Custom Printed Backgrounds. Draper prints our backgrounds in house, on our own equipment, so we can exert greater control not only over quality, but on what goes into the product. Water based latex Inks used by Draper are UL ECOLOGO Certified, and GREENGUARD GOLD Certified to standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air, and can be used on several GREENGUARD Gold certified fabrics. They are odorless and require no special ventilation.

In addition, all printing supplies are recyclable, and 70% of the weight of the used ink cartridge is a recyclable cardboard container.

For more information, pictures of some project examples, and details on how to provide files for printing, go to www.draperinc.com/gymequipment/custombackgrounds.aspx.

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