If you’re one of those professionals with one or more sets of letters following your name, then you know first-hand the struggle to find education courses to keep current.

educationDraper’s education offerings include several accredited classes for architects to stay updated with the latest technology and professional trends, and also a course which is also good for CTS credit.

These courses also enable AIA members to fulfill a membership requirement and meet state mandatory continuing education requirements. Credit earned on completion of each program will be reported to CES Records for AIA members.

Draper training modules are taught by certified trainers, and can be scheduled at our office or your location. Many of our classes can also be taken online.

Below are the courses we have on offer.

HL402–Managing Heat and Light with Exterior Shading Systems
The objective of this class is to provide a clear understanding of the benefits of custom exterior shading systems in reducing a building’s solar heat gain while creating a pleasing architectural appearance. This class earns one AIA learning unit (AIA course number is J615-HL402) and one HSW GBCI Continuing Education credit (course 910000012).

DL301–Managing Daylight with Automated Solar Control
This course is an overview of the benefits of designing a space with ample views and daylight, the challenges this presents, and how motorized shading can help solve these issues. Earns one AIA Learning Unit (course J615-DL301), one HSW GBCI CE credit (course 910000011), one IDCEC credit, and HSW GBCI Continuing Education Credit (course 910000011).

DL201–Daylighting 201
Daylighting 201 provides attendees with a clear understanding of how the benefits of natural light can be maximized and energy conserved by properly specifying window shades. It also covers how these shades can contribute to LEED credits. AIA course number J615-DL201 earns one Learning Unit and one HSW GBCI Continuing Education credit.

PS201–Projection Screen Science Made Simple
This course will give you a clear understanding of factors and variables in selecting or specifying a projection screen. One AIA Learning Unit is earned (course J615-PS201), as well as one CTS Renewal Unit or Learning Unit, and one HSW GBCI Continuing Education Credit.

GE101–Gymnasium Equipment 101
In this class you will gain a clear understanding of the various factors to consider in selecting or specifying basketball equipment for a specific facility. The course discusses the criteria for selecting the correct backstop series, style and accessories, as well as the standards that should be considered when selecting suppliers of this type of equipment. The AIA course number is J615-GE101; it is worth one Learning Unit. It also is worth one HSW GBCI Continuing Education Credit

GE501–Safety in the Gym
Learn about specifying equipment to protect users and spectators. Safety in the Gym covers ways to protect users, spectators and facility personnel in a gymnasium environment, as related to basketball backstops, divider curtains, wall pads, volleyball systems, wrestling mat lifters, and batting cages. Learn the standard features and optional safety equipment available for each type of product, and guidelines on when, where and how to specify these products and features. Completing this course earns one AIA Learning Unit AIA (course J615-GE501) and one HSW GBCI Continuing Education credit.

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