The top image is meant to demonstrate how non-ISF certified screens can affect color.

The top image is meant to demonstrate how non-ISF certified screens can affect color.

Back before CEDIA 2015, I had the opportunity, along with Terry Coffey from our Marketing Department, participate in an Imaging Science Foundation certification class and learn how to get color right.

It was an eye-opening experience. By that I mean that I knew about ISF certification, and what it meant for our screens. But what I learned in Dallas was just how much color shifting does occur and how badly it can impact the image on the screen.

I left that class with an ISF certification and a determination to help our dealers and customers better understand the importance of color accuracy.

One way to accomplish that is through training! So Draper got together with Tandem Marketing to sponsor an ISF certification class in Chicago in May.

This class will help attendees understand the parameters of calibration, digital imaging and display standards, and includes some great hands-on experience in video calibration. It’s hoped that the class will help you achieve superior service, client retention, superb pictures and superior service in your own market.

We are fortunate to have Joel Silver, President and Founder of Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), as the instructor. Joel is an industry leader and chairs several CEA and CEDIA committees including the Home Theater Standards Group. He’s also very passionate about this, and has a lot of great stories.

Time out for an #AVSelfie with Terry (right) and Joel (center).

Time out for an #AVSelfie with Terry (right) and Joel (center).

Here’s a perfect example… Joel told a story about a theater in the Los Angeles area. It was beautifully done, a large screening theater for one of the production companies. Everything came together until they lit up the screen. It looked terrible (I can emphatically say it was NOT a Draper screen)! The dealer couldn’t understand why. He installed his “favorite” screen…the one he sells all the time (sound familiar). This favorite screen had an ambient light rejecting surface but the theater was completely light controlled. The image looked dim and the colors were off. Installing a favorite screen is very different from installing the right screen. This training can help figure out the difference. And our screens are just one component of a complicated equation.

During the class topics covered will include the Impact of HDR and 10-Bit implementation, video reproduction standards, tools needed for calibration, hands on calibration labs, and the latest technologies in ultra-high definition video.

Whether you’re involved in the AV industry as an installer, in production, engineering, manufacturing, or desire to add calibration to the services you offer, this class is worth attending.

In addition to ISF certification, when this course is completed you also get 12 InfoComm RU’s, and 12 CEDIA Credits.

The class will take place May 10-12 in Chicago. You can register by clicking here. Use the discount code “DRAPER” to save 10% on registration!

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