One of the services that make Draper unique among companies in all of our product areas is our custom manufacturing capabilities. This is especially useful in the solar control area.

We recently completed a new white paper about our capabilities with custom shade headboxes.

Custom_OpeningPhoto-2Draper offers several pocket options for recessing window shades above the ceiling. Our standard boxes cover most installation situations, but what happens in those instances when a standard product doesn’t work or have the right options?

In such cases, Draper offers custom designed and manufactured pockets that are not only specific to the need, but also cost competitive with standard pocket options in the marketplace.

Our Options
What are your options?

You have numerous options when creating a custom pocket/headbox, and the Custom Pocket Headbox submittal is the best resource for guidance in this matter.

Here is a list of the selections you need to make:

  • Size—Width, Height;
  • Color—Standard sheet metal or a custom PPC RAL;
  • Bottom Finishing—Hemmed, wall clip, or wall clip with ceiling tile lip;
  • Closure Panel—Size of closure, and front, back or both; and Holes—Vent holes and mounting holes.
  • Select your pocket requirement for Draper to detail and price.

Issues and Solutions
Here are a few examples of real-world issues, and how Draper might provide a custom pocket/headbox in each case.

Example 1
Issue: A project requires a dual recessed pocket. The height for the pocket is limited and the gap for fabric drop is to be minimal. The pocket needs to be formed at a minimum height, with a small gap for fabric drop and holes for installation.

Solution: A Draper custom pocket will be made with a minimum height. Pre-made holes will be placed in the top at the correct diameter for the required fasteners, and closure panels will be hung from the front and back of the pocket.

To continue reading this white paper, and to download a free PDF copy, click here.

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