While many things have changed at Draper over our years in business, one thing has not: We have and always will support our dealer network as an integral part of our business strategy, and we see our dealers as the overriding key to our success.

Customer_DemandBecause of this, it’s important that we make their jobs easier by paving a clear path to doing business with customers. In other words, demand creation.

We do this in several ways.

First of all is our recognition as a world class manufacturer in each of our core markets. This is reflected in lead-times, quality products, relevant offerings and fair pricing. In addition we provide specification support—which goes hand in hand with the above list.

There’s also our recognition and appreciation of our partners’ value in Draper’s overall success. This recognition means we work hard to implement policies and procedures that make it easy to do business.

Marketing is another major area of support for Draper dealers. One of our main marketing tools for demand creation is our award-winning website. Based on current analytics we are ranked at 189,860 globally and at 48,892 domestically, out of 1,017,432,040 global websites. Of the web traffic we are able to track, 85% is non-dealer. The most common visitors come from education, government, architects, hospitality, and healthcare—the very people who create demand for Draper product in the marketplace.

Using social media we are constantly exploring vertical opportunities to build the Draper brand and growing rapidly in areas where we are already established.

InfoComm_Finished_2Tradeshows are another major way to create demand. We focus on specific verticals—healthcare, hospitality, education, architectural, etc. Again, these efforts are targeted at influencers who then connect opportunities to our channel partners.

To help in sales/business development, Draper heavily invests in project-based selling tools that enable us to reach out early and influence specific areas of the construction market. We actively pursue face-to-face and project-specific conversations with influencer groups such as architects, interior designers, consultants—anyone who has the need for specific solutions we can offer, and who has the ability to make decisions on product selection.

In addition, we are always willing to provide technical solution support to our channel partners.  Whether is it side by side in the field or plugged in on a video conferencing call, we are eager to provide whatever support is necessary to help build confidence with our mutual customer.

By working on demand creation, Draper hopes to ensure the continued and increasing success of all of our global partners as we strive to keep pace with changing and growing markets.

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