Whether you’re looking to make a splash with some large graphics for your business, or simply trying to communicate a message in a restrictive environment, Draper’s in-house custom printed shades and backgrounds are the perfect solution.

In-House_1Custom printed graphic shades are ideal when restrictions are imposed on signage. Company logos or ads can be printed on the side of the shade facing out for display to the world, or graphics can be printed on either side of the shade. Meanwhile, custom printed backgrounds can convey a brand message in press rooms, in trade show booths, or along the red carpet, or give telepresence an air of professionalism.

For some years, Draper has offered these services, and has seen a continued, steady growth. We’ve previously done the preliminary work with files in-house, then had to pass those files on to an outside printer. Last year we decided it was time to purchase our own printing equipment and bring the entire process—from start to finish—inside.

There are several reasons for this move.

First of all, it is more efficient for us. We are no longer bound by the timelines of secondary vendors, nor do we have the back-and-forth ordering details which can add to lead times.

It’s also more efficient for our customers. They receive their product faster, and since we are now in closer control of the entire process, we don’t have to build the cost of additional shipping between the printer and our factory into the price.

Quality control increases with this move. Although we have always worked to ensure a high standard of quality, the fact remains that dealing with outside print vendors introduces more possibilities for things to go wrong. This is nothing against printers; their business process simply works differently, and we are one of many customers sending items through. Plus, when a quality issue is identified, it can be remedied much more quickly.

This is the opening of a new white paper on Draper’s in-house printing capabilities. For more detailed information, read on by clicking here. You can also download a free PDF while you’re there.

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