“I’m going to have to get around to it one of these days.”

TUIT_1Have you ever found yourself thinking that? We often say it as we notice the grass growing, the bushes looking ragged, or paint chipping off of the side of the house. And when we might be thinking about starting a diet, or are considering whether or not to go for a walk or a swim—pffffft! Forget about it.

“We always hear people say things like I’ll get around to it,” according to Draper’s Wellness and Safety Director, Linda Brinson. “For years we have strived to make our employees healthier, and also make our workplace safer to prevent injuries.”

Safety and wellness help employees be more productive, give better quality products, improve morale and lower absenteeism.

So in 2016 Linda decided it was time to “get around to it.” She and Draper’s wellness and safety committees decided to try a year-long program to raise awareness about safety in the workplace, and help Draper employees with their wellness goals.

Travis Hamm gets his TUIT t-shirt from Linda Brinson.

Travis Hamm gets his TUIT t-shirt from Linda Brinson.

The program is as easy as one, two, three.

Each quarter, participating employees can receive three round TUIT: one for no restricted or lost time work injuries; one for participating in a wellness challenge/program; and one for participating in a safety awareness class or training session.

If a participant receives three TUIT for each quarter-a total of 12 TUIT for the year-then his or her name will be put into a drawing. The first prize is $2,500; second place is $1,500, and the third prize is $500.

In all, 166 Draper employees have signed up to participate in the Safety and Wellness “Get a Round TUIT“ challenge. Each participant received a Safety and Wellness TUIT t-shirt, on which the TUITs can be stitched or ironed.

A final interesting note: The TUITs were actually printed in-house on Draper’s digital printer, using Draper shade fabric!

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