Draper recently hit a big milestone. Or, at least, our online lit request site did.

Earlier this month, our literature team processed our 10-thousandth literature request since the end of 2014.

So why is that date significant?

Lit RequestThat was when Draper’s new online literature request site debuted.

Back in the “old days,” processing literature orders was anything but easy. Sure, there were forms to fill out, channels through which to work, rules to follow. But, in the end, the literature department could wind up with orders written on anything—even post-it notes.

So, our sales and marketing folks got together to find a way to streamline the literature ordering process, and came up with the idea of an online request site, which would be available not only within Draper, but to dealers and other customers as well.

The resulting request site has not only streamlined our internal ordering and delivery processes, it has also made it much easier for dealers to get the literature in a more timely manner.

To use our request site to order free product and company literature, go to request.draperinc.com. It works like a standard online shopping site. Click on the desired category. You will see thumbnail views of the available documents. To get a larger view of the cover, click on the thumbnail. From the document page, you can select the number of copies you want, and click “Request Copy by Mail. This adds the document to your shopping cart.

Once you’ve added all of the documents you want to your shopping cart, click on “checkout  “ at the top of the screen. Here, enter you billing and shipping details. Don’t worry—you won’t be billed. Once you’ve entered your information, press “click; your order has now been placed.

The request site is meant for small order quantities—five or less. If you wish to order more copies than that contact your Draper sales representative for assistance.

Free literature, with free shipping—all thanks to Draper’s literature request website.

Here’s looking forward to the NEXT 10-thousand literature orders!

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