I have once again been selected as one of the #CEDIATweeps, a group of industry social media types tasked with promoting the 2016 CEDIA show in Dallas. Although I was honored to be included in this talented and dedicated group, I also viewed the selection with a tad bit of nervousness. That’s because I’m what’s called an extroverted introvert. I explain this more in depth in a post on the CEDIA Expo blog entitled “CEDIA for Introverts.” Below is an excerpt to last’s weeks post.

IntrovertsThere are many reasons people decline to attend CEDIA. It can seem like an expensive proposition; you might be afraid of losing business while you’re away; or you may actually want to go but can’t take time from a busy schedule.

Those reasons are what I call perceived situation objections. They are based on what you believe to be true. These objections might be overcome if the perception can be shown to be false, or the situation proven to be different.

However, some probably avoid CEDIA—and pretty much any trade show—because they are introverts. They don’t like the noise, the crowds, the meetings, or the small talk. When they look at technology, they may not want someone to come over and talk to them about it. These are the folks who run the other way at a car lot when they see a salesperson coming.

I’m here to say to those introverts out there who’ve never made it to CEDIA: You can do it. It’s actually better than you think, and in fact you can get a great deal out of the experience. How am I so sure? Because, although some people will find this difficult to believe, I am an introvert.

I can in fact be extremely introverted, and yet I can also sometimes walk right up and give someone I know a big hug. I’m what they call an “outgoing introvert.” I know that sounds like an oxymoron—and no, I didn’t just call myself a moron—but apparently I’m not the only one, as these articles show:

Perhaps being an outgoing introvert makes it easier for me than for some introverts, but I have my moments, believe me. Many (though not all) of the traits mentioned in the above links pertain to me. In addition, crowds—especially loud ones—can make my head suddenly hot enough to fry an egg on. Even restaurants with loud music get on my nerves. Any while I can, after years of practice, initiate conversations, they typically peter out rather quickly. And someone approaching me? That triggers my flight instinct.

And yet I have been to CEDIA at least six times over the years—I’ve actually lost count—plus InfoComm and a few other shows. While I can’t say it’s my favorite part of my job, I’ve found some things—especially with CEDIA—that really make the experience a good one, even for introverts!

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