Earlier this year, we ran a blog post explaining how Draper shades help with your bottom line. You can read it here.

The StageScreen Modular Projection Screen.

The StageScreen Modular Projection Screen.

Draper’s ability to help you save time and money isn’t exclusive to our shades, however; there are several products in our AV line which provide unique solutions that also add to your profit margin.

First on the list is our StageScreen and FocalPoint modular projection screens. One major cost for rental and staging companies is keeping the amount of inventory to cover everything. With the StageScreen and FocalPoint, instead of keeping complete screens, you can inventory various frame pieces and viewing surface sizes. The Return on Investment can be stronger by properly inventorying the frame and using the Draper web applications to tell you which pieces to use to build whatever size screen you need. For more information on the StageScreen, click here; for more on FocalPoint, click here.

Draper's TorkStar lowers a screen into position.

Draper’s TorkStar lowers a screen into position.

If you’ve ever had to install a large projection screen with a lot of drop to get the viewing surface down to viewable height from a high ceiling, you’ll know how expensive that can be. A less expensive solution would be to use our TorkStar lifting system to lower the screen case down, then lower the screen out of the case.  You’d be surprised how much money this can save over some screens with extra long drop. Click here for more information on the TorkStar, or contact us with the specifics of your job.

Here’s a solution we’ve found ourselves using more often recently. In a few instances, designers have wanted to put two projection screens back-to-back, facing in opposite directions. To save on equipment cost, installation time, and space above the ceiling, we were able to put our TecVision formulations on both sides of a single screen. For those screens, we just cut installation time nearly in half, and cut the cost by nearly that as well! Spread that out over a large venue and you can see how the savings would start adding up.

Draper can also help with service costs on projectors. With the Scissor Lift, simply lower the projector and service it from the ground. With a drop of up to 28 feet, you’ll no longer need to rent a lift or build scaffolding (and there will be no insurance claims when you fall off the lift and break a leg). You’ll be in and out of the job faster, as well, so not only will you maximize profit on this call, you get to the next one sooner! Check out the tallest Scissor Lift models, SLX, here.

See_What_You_Did_There_TecVisionSpeaking of projector costs … there are many rooms where, due to ambient light or other conditions, a matt white screen and average projector won’t do the job. The natural inclination is to go bigger with the projector, and throw more light at the screen. This can greatly increase your projection cost. Instead of throwing a lot of money into a more powerful projector, explore alternative viewing surfaces. One of our higher gain TecVision whites or one of our ambient light rejecting TecVision greys are more expensive than our standard surfaces, but that price hike is nowhere near what you’d be spending for a more powerful projector. Plus, with Optically Seamless TecVision, you can get a bigger screen for less than large unseamed surfaces. And we guarantee you won’t see the seam from five feet away. For more on TecVision, click here.

It goes beyond product solutions, however. Our online tools can save you time throughout the planning/ordering/delivery process—and time is money. In Draper’s award-winning online Pro Portal, you can use our Projection Planner to determine the perfect screen solution for your room. There also tools to help you figure out the projector lift you need, and more—then you can get freight quotes, and place and track your orders—all without having to call or email someone at Draper and have them check for you.

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