Divider curtains are a great addition to almost any gymnasium space. Gymnasium divider curtains can be installed in new facilities or added to an existing building and offer lots of benefits. Gymnasium dividers can increase facility utilization, improve rental revenue stream, decrease class, practice and game interruptions, and decrease the potential for injuries and associated liability claims.

52DW1146Gymnasium Divider Curtains improve facility utilization by allowing a single large space to be divided into smaller separate spaces to accommodate multiple activities. Being able to host multiple activities can help with planning classes and scheduling practice times at busy schools. If desired, curtains can be supplied with solid vinyl material for the lower portion or for the full height to provide some privacy by blocking sight lines. For private facilities or schools that rent their gyms to other organizations, having more areas to rent obviously increases the associated cash flow.

Gymnasium Divider Curtains also keep balls and other equipment from going from one area to the other. While divider curtains are not designed to act as hitting nets for repeated direct drives into the fabric, they easily block basketballs, volleyballs, indirect baseballs, lacrosse balls and many other types of balls from flying into adjoining courts. Keeping balls in the appropriate areas means fewer interruptions of activities in the next area. Containing equipment also means people in adjacent areas are less likely to get hit with balls from another game, decreasing associated injuries and related liability claims.

With the benefits they provide, Gymnasium Divider Curtains are very popular and manufacturers offer several different models to exactly fit specific applications. Each style has its own unique benefits and features. Coming up in a future post. I will have more information on what’s available, and the benefits and disadvantages of each model to provide guidance on picking the style that best fits a specific application.

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