aerolift-50_cDraper was the first manufacturer to have a Scissor-style projector lift certified to the latest UL standards. Now we’ve added a second model family to the list. Our complete line of AeroLifts—the AeroLift 35, AeroLift 100, and AeroLift 150—are now US UL Listed to UL 2442 and Canada UL Listed to CSA C22.2 No. 60065-03.

We just got the news this week that the AeroLifts join Draper’s Scissor Lift SL and SLX in meeting this newest relevant UL certification—and we’re really excited to finally come to the end of a long process to make this happen. So why were we keen to get the AeroLift certified to the new UL standard?

First of all, we felt it was necessary for us to continue being the market leader in projector lifts. Leaders lead—others follow, and getting this certification shows our commitment to continue providing the best, safest, and most durable products out there.

The AeroLift and the Scissor Lift are by far our two most popular lift models. Having this UL certification prevents our dealers from running into issues after the lifts have been installed with electrical inspectors, and eliminates the need for expensive field certifications. Just one more way Draper adds to the bottom line!

modern interior design (private apartment 3d rendering)

modern interior design (private apartment 3d rendering)

The AeroLifts are powered by tubular motors, and use a stabilizing arm to stay steady on the job. The AeroLift 35 model holds up to 35 pounds, closes to four inches (not including the projector and the closure, naturally), and fits between two-inch joists on 16-inch centers. Equipment including projectors, speakers, security cameras, videoconferencing cameras, or document cameras can be recessed in the ceiling with the AeroLift. The 100 and 150 models hold 100 and 150 pounds, respectively.

Because the AeroLift works with such a wide range of projectors and allows flexibility for drop into the room, it is the perfect solution in many situations. Even with our redesign for this certification, we were able to maintain the small footprint of these lifts. We were also able to provide added features and benefits—at no additional cost to our dealers.

One interesting side note about the AeroLifts’ certification was in the way UL needed to test the units. UL insisted on running the unit for 25,000 cycles—yes, you read that right. 25,000. For those of you who don’t want to do the math, that means you could raise and lower an AeroLift twice a day, seven days a week, for more than 17 years, and it would still be going strong.

Now that’s durability!

In fact, during testing UL had some issues with their own equipment—yes, our AeroLift even outlasted what UL was using to test it!

For more information on the UL certified AeroLift, click here.

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