Our Literature department is gearing up this week for one of our biggest mailings of the year. The 2017 FlexShade Price List will take effect February 13, and it will begin appearing in mailboxes in the next couple of weeks.

One of the more exciting things about this new price list is the introduction of a new product: Draper Recharge. This motorized shade without the wires is a new battery system that addresses every challenge.

So why is this exciting news?

First of all, you can now put battery shades in more places and in larger window openings. Draper Recharge is available up to 12 feet high and 12 feet wide. You won’t hear those bigger battery shades when they are in motion. You’ll be amazed by the extremely quiet operation.

Installation is also much easier. These units install like a manual window shade, and you don’t need to find extra space for a separate battery wand. The battery is hidden away safely inside the tube. Recharge uses no disposable batteries—it’s rechargeable from a 110V outlet or an optional solar panel, and each charge lasts months.

Recharge fits easily into any control scenario. For quick and simple, there’s a touch sensitive remote control, a flush mount wall switch. For more flexibility, integrate Recharge with popular control systems.

There’s also an app for that! Use the app to control or program Recharge. Since the motor has bi-directional communication, when it’s time to charge the app can tells you!

This price list also features a newly redesigned Exterior FlexShade and FlexShade Zip that’s easier to install. You can now install the ZIP headbox first then secure the shade in place. Two headbox sizes and three headbox styles are now available, and you can get both the FlexShade ZIP™ and LightBloc ZIP™ as crank models!

Something else new is the Dual Roller FlexShade with Pocket. Watch soon for another blog post detailing this new addition to our dual roller shade family.

You’ll also find a new easy to use fabric reference guide in front of price list. We put some significant time and thought into developing this guide, and we think you’ll find it very helpful.

As mentioned above, the new price books will be appearing soon in your mailboxes. Meanwhile, you will also be able to access a copy through Draper’s Pro Portal. If you haven’t yet, click here to register. It’s free, and in addition to access to pricing information, you’ll find many handy resources and tools.

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