One of the reasons our TecVision line of premium projection viewing surfaces has been so successful is its flexibility. Any projection problem that comes along has a TecVision solution. And when there’s no current formulation to address a need, a new one can be developed. Here are just three examples of how 8K-ready, ISF-certified TecVision delivered wins in tough situations.

TecVision Turns on the Lights
“[Our] clients were mainly concerned about bringing the room more into today’s technology, but were heavily concerned about a brighter image as well as more of a widescreen format,” according to Gary Jefferies, the CEO and Owner of SYNC Technology Integration of Fishers, Indiana. “They did not like the fact that they had to completely turn off all lights and close all shades to even begin to make out an image.”

Jeffries needed a projection solution that would improve screen legibility and brightness when lights had to be on in the room. The first part of that equation—the projector—was handled with the 6200 ANSI lumen Barco PGWX-61b Projector. For the second half of the equation, Draper suggested Jefferies go with TecVision XH900X ALR. The grey tint of the surface gave his clients pause at first.

“After turning the projector on for the first time, all hesitations went out the window as they were immediately impressed with the brightness of the image even with the blinds open and lights on,” Jefferies is happy to report. “They have had multiple meetings held in the room over the last week and everyone in attendance has been pleased and impressed with the outcome.”

TecVision Stuns in Utah Home Cinema
Matthew Irvin of Audioworks knew he had his work cut out for him when he was approached by a very particular client for a special home cinema job in Park City, Utah. The space in question was more than your basic dedicated home theatre. It’s was also used as a performance space. In addition to private viewing, the customer used it for their own mini Sundance-style film festival for kids, as well as for huge karaoke parties. So it had to be right.

The spot for the screen needed to be filled exactly. This required a 227.25-inch 16:9 format screen. Because of the customer’s high expectations, and the need for an acoustically transparent material, Irvin recommended 8K-ready TecVision Nano Perf XT1300X White, with an extra wide viewing cone, typical contrast, and on-axis gain of 1.3.

“It was the only solution we were considering due to the size of material we needed in an acoustically transparent application,” Irvin says of his choice. “The customer was concerned about a screen that large having imperfections, but we knew we could trust the TecVision product to be perfect edge to edge.”

And how about that customer, and his high expectations?

“Working with Draper we were able to not only meet, but easily surpass those expectations,” according to Irvin, who says customer could not be happier with the outcome. “In fact, in his words from a quick email – ‘The theatre is amazing!!! A very big hit. Well worth the upgrade!!’

Draper has always been fantastic with custom projects.”

TecVision Makes an Impact
Mike Wilson CTS-I, DMC-D 4K is the AV Engineering Manager for Corbett Technology Solutions, Inc., located in Chantilly, Virginia. His first TecVision job was a conference room, approximately 17 feet wide and 30 feet deep with a four foot by 16 foot oval-shaped conference table in the center with seating for 14.

For the most part, it was a straightforward requirement—an interior conference room and room lighting is controllable via the AV control system. The catch, however, was projector placement. The 4,000 ANSI lumen single-chip DLP projector needed to be mounted less than seven feet away from the screen, due to some architectural lighting features above the table.

Wilson decided to go with the TecVisionTM XT1300X White surface because of the broad viewing cone and uniform diffusion. It was perfect for the situation.

“What impressed me the most was the lack of ‘hot-spotting’ on the screen,” Wilson says. “I figured I would see some since I was projecting from such a close distance.”

Wilson also points to the surface’s accurate color reproduction as a real positive. “I figured I would see issues with Red/Green/Blue colors because of the high-gain material and only using a single chip DLP,” says Wilson, adding that he was also wowed by the “off-angle viewing—I had been skeptical of the 75-degree viewing cone.”

So there you have it: three of the countless big wins for 8K-ready, ISF-certified TecVision. Let us know about your own TecVision wins in the comments below. To discover the TecVision solution that will deliver your next one, click here!

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