For many years Draper has offered Dual Roller shading solutions—the option of having two window shades in the same headbox. This dual roller concept is a very flexible solution. You can accomplish multiple tasks with one unit. For example, you might want a light blocking shade for evening privacy or late afternoon glare and heat buildup, and a mesh shade to allow natural light in while reducing glare at other times. Or the combination of a room darkening shade and a projection screen in the same unit would let you put a screen in front of a window.

After offering a dual roller solution for several years, Draper has upgraded and reorganized our product in 2017.

Draper now offers three solutions for a Dual Roller FlexShade® system: Dual Roller FlexShades® with Fascia, Dual Roller FlexShades® with Brackets, or Dual Roller FlexShades® with Pocket Headbox.

Dual Roller FlexShades® with Fascia
With this dual roller solution you can enjoy the benefits of two shade fabrics (or a shade and projection screen) in one window shade without the need for a recessed headbox. The end caps and rollers are concealed behind a stylish extruded aluminum fascia. Motorized FlexShades®, Clutch FlexShades®, Clutch FlexShade® XD, Battery Operated FlexShades®, and 24V FlexShades® are all available with this product.

Dual Roller FlexShade® with Pocket Headbox
Draper’s Dual Roller FlexShade® with Pocket headbox puts both fabric rollers inside a single recessed headbox. The bent steel headbox may be installed in the ceiling, well in advance of the shades. This allows for easy coordination with various trades, and also prevents damage to the shade fabrics, which can be easily installed once the site is clean.

In addition to being used for recessing shades, this Dual Roller version also shades to be coupled, minimizing wiring and use of motors.

The Dual Roller with Pocket Headbox can be suspended or surface mounted. It can also house coupled shades.

Available for Motorized FlexShades®, Clutch FlexShades®, Battery Operated FlexShades®, 24V FlexShades®, and LightBloc w/Side Channels, the Dual Roller Pocket headbox is white where visible so it will fit in with most office ceilings.

Dual Roller FlexShades® with Brackets
Sometimes you don’t want fascia or a headbox. The unit may be installed in an existing pocket or behind a custom valance. For such needs, we offer Dual Roller FlexShades with Brackets only. The same operator options from above apply to this version, as well.

For more about Draper’s Dual Roller solutions, click here and select Dual Roller products from the operator typed on the left hand menu.

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