Future-proof is a term marketers love to use. Although we see it used in the AV market, it’s a term that crops up in almost every market and product category.

When used to describe a product, the manufacturer is saying that product is unlikely to become obsolete. Within the context of constantly evolving industries such as AV, that sounds like a bit of a stretch.

Basically when we talk about future-proofing we’re saying nothing can happen that will create the need for you to replace this product. Ever. This technology is proof against technological changes and advances.

Sounds pretty good. But it seems like a negative way of thinking. In this line of thinking, the future is a scary place that must be, at worst, held at bay, and, at best, planned for to mitigate its effects. It sounds like we’ve come as far as possible with this technology.

Here at Draper, we like to think more positively about the future. Instead of future-proof products, we are more interested in creating future-ready products. With this line of thinking, we’re not selling current solutions short. We’re saying that, as technology advances, our products will be ready.

An excellent example of this is our TecVision line of viewing surfaces. When we introduced TecVision in 2014, the first formulations were ready for existing technology and market conditions. But as technological advances have come along—4K, then 8K, laser projection, High Dynamic Range (HDR)—TecVision has been up to the challenge because we were ready for those advances during development. TecVision was, and is, ready for the future.

By thinking in terms of future-ready, keeping the door open to future innovation. We admit the evolutionary nature of AV and we embrace it.

Bring on the future because we are developing new solutions, better answers, more advanced technology, and different ideas. We’re ready!

Are you ready? What future changes in technology are you preparing for? Leave us a comment about what you see coming … or hope is coming … in the years ahead.

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