Are you wondering if shades should be part of your product offerings? Since we re-introduced Draper window shades to AV dealers last fall, many dealers who had been doing the occasional shade job have made shades a bigger part of their business. Others who had never sold shades have grabbed the opportunity for another profit center. There are many, however, who remain on the fence about adding shades to their product offerings. For those of you still considering it, here are four reasons to up your game with shades.

1) A Way In
There are many projects where projection screens and projector lifts are already being provided by someone else, or are not part of the job at all. Having the ability to provide shades gives you another possible way to get something out of the project. In addition, if other types of AV equipment aren’t part of the project, once you’re in can use it as an opportunity to upsell, and get more of your products added.

2) A Bigger Slice
Shades can give you yet another piece of a project. The ability to address AV and solar control—and to tie both together in one building control system—can be a real positive. It saves the customer time and money, and a bigger slice of the pie equals more work in your schedule and more profit for you!

3) A Competitive Edge
Being able to provide several products on a project makes you more valuable, because you are saving time, coordination, and paperwork—all of which translates to saving money for the client. And the same goes for you working with Draper. Us providing you AV and shading solutions brings you those same money-saving benefits, which means more for your bottom line!

4) The Go-To Expert
In the AV industry, the client is looking to you as the expert. They have a problem they need to solve and you have the expertise to allow them to do just that. You can show how shading solutions work hand-in-hand with AV, but, more than that, how they contribute to a facility in other ways. Solar control increases productivity, saves utility costs, and works with other building systems—including AV—to make an efficient and functional building. By being able provide solutions to multiple problems, you help the client be the hero.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to drop me an email, or call (765) 856-1212 to ask how you can add shades to your AV product line.

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