We have updated our Motorized and Crank-operated Exterior FlexShades® for easier installation, more color options, and more streamlined design.

Exterior FlexShades now have the same look as our FlexShade ZIP™. This updated design to match ZIP hardware means one consistent look across all motorized Draper exterior window shades. Both ZIPs and Exterior FlexShades can now be used on the same facade, if necessary, without any noticeable differences.

The redesigned Exterior FlexShade is also easier to install. A new idler design allows you to more quickly install and remove the fabric roller from the headbox. The extruded aluminum headbox can be mounted directly to the wall or window jamb through the top or back of the headbox. It can also be installed using mounting brackets onto which the extruded headbox snaps.

There are two headbox options-curved and square. At 3-5/8” x 3-5/8”, the headbox presents a smaller profile than before, helping the product to better blend with the building facade.

The updated shades feature a new color option, sand, in addition to silver, ivory, bronze, black, and white—the same colors offered for the FlexShade ZIP.

Even as we redesigned our Exterior FlexShades, we kept some important features. This product retains its remarkable durability. You can still choose to operate standard, RTS, and quiet motors with any Draper control, or tie them in to building automation systems. We also retained the ability to use either side channels or cable guides for secure operation in windy weather.

This redesign affects only our motorized and crank-operated Exterior FlexShades. There are no changes to our line of clutch-operated Exterior FlexShades.

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