Today’s gymnasium is more than just a basketball court where gym classes meet. The modern athletic facility has multiple uses, and Draper provides several solutions to support that role. The most obvious tool to help get the most out of an athletic facility is the gym divider curtain. Curtains are great for dividing large spaces into several smaller areas. Sometimes multiple sporting activities need to take place when the space is open, and sometimes in those smaller spaces as well. We have a flexible, smaller-scale solution: the multi-sport practice cage.

Here are four reasons a multi-sport practice cage is a must-have for a thriving multi-use gym.

Get in out of the weather
Athletes work on their game year-round. For outdoor sports such as golf, soccer, and baseball, that means practicing inside during winter or inclement weather. With practice cages, you can run indoor batting practice, refine golf swings, practice penalty kicks, and more … even while the snow covers your outdoor practice facilities.

Think safety
When athletes from different sports come together in one large space, there is a risk of accidental injury. Using practice cages eliminates that concern. The netting stops balls from going into other nearby activity areas and striking unsuspecting participants. When the cages are located the correct distance from walls, those inside the cage are also protected from dangerous caroms off of hard surfaces.

Maximize facility use
The more you use your athletic facility, the better. Practice cages bring in additional activities, and allow the maximum use of recreational space without expanding hours. You make more efficient use of the space by allowing multiple sports to hold simultaneous individual or team practices.

Increase your gym’s flexibility
Many gyms are actually multi-use facilities. Practice cages can be lifted out of the way when you need to use the entire gym for a single purpose or non-athletic events. When it’s time for practice, the flip of a switch lowers them back into place.

For more information on Draper’s line of multi-sport practice cage, click here.

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