Have you ever had a piece of tech break down on you? Just flat out stop working, and several years sooner than you think it should?

One of Draper’s points of pride is the quality of our products. We build all of our products to last, and projection screens are no exception. Still, there always comes a time when a screen needs to be replaced. Sometimes we know it’s time for an upgrade but just haven’t done it yet. Other times it sneaks up, or nobody realizes their viewing experience has worsened. Here are three signs it’s time for a new screen.

1) The picture quality is poor
Today’s projectors have higher resolution than ever. 1080p, 4K … now we’re talking about 8K. As the image quality increases, flaws in the material create issues or limitations in performance caused by patterns on the screen surface reduce image quality. In addition, the screen surface can become tacky and splotchy as the plasticizers used to make the vinyl flexible leach. This is definitely an eyesore when the screen isn’t under projection, and picture quality also suffers while under projection.

2) I can’t make out the words
Ever found yourself squinting and leaning forward, trying to make out the fine print on a screen? The older we get, the smaller that print seems to get. In some cases, this problem may be caused by too small a font being used. However, it may also be a sign that you need to get a bigger screen.

3) The picture doesn’t fit the screen
Back when you installed your projector and screen, the dominant resolution may have been different. Or perhaps your new projector has a different resolution than the old one. If you keep using the same screen, you will wind up with either a smaller image, or a distorted picture as you try and make it work with your new projector’s resolution. We recommend matching the screen’s aspect ratio with that of your projector, or you could encounter the dreaded black bars.

Those are just three signs that it’s time to replace your projection screen, but there are others. To read more about upgrading your projection screen, click here to see our white paper.

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