Today is a special day in Draper history. We are unveiling a new look, a new logo, and a heightened focus on innovation.

Draper’s rebranding marks a growing initiative to clarify the company’s mission, services and goals, simplify a business approach and to refresh its relevancy to customer needs. Our company has changed and evolved over the years, and it is time for our brand to catch up.

As the world, and all of our markets, are changing, Draper is exploring new opportunities. We are, increasingly, a solution-based manufacturer, avoiding “me too” products and instead creating integrated solutions.

Draper products and services provide best-in-class remedies supporting the simplest to the most complex project requirements. Superior customer satisfaction and repeat business are the hallmarks of sustainable success.

We are FOCUSED. While many manufacturers are owned by private equity companies who will soon sell to the highest bidder, Draper is committed for the long term. We’re committed to manufacturing in our hometown community of Spiceland, Indiana. And we’re focused on providing the experience of quality and customer service that will assure our future.

We are INNOVATIVE. We are investing in new, cutting edge equipment to sustain our growth. We are integrating our manufacturing processes and using our resources more efficiently. We are making breakthroughs in the quality and performance of our products.

We are creating SOLUTIONS. We’ve built custom products since 1902, fitting each window shade to its window. But we are moving to a new level of custom capacity. Many of our customers and partners have new needs and opportunities that we are uniquely fitted to fill. We are developing our capacity to design and build products that are tailored to meet those needs.

To reflect our evolution, we are introducing a new logo. In addition to a clean, up-to-date representation of our name, it pays homage to the types of buildings in which our products can be found.

We are also creating a new website that will have improved functionality and navigation for people new to our products, while retaining the easy access to product by longtime Draper customers. We are showing a preview of the new website today, which will grow over the coming months into a full launch in 2018.

After 115 years in business, we think the best is yet to come. 2016 was our biggest and best year ever, and we are continuing to do new things and plan for growth.

On a personal note, it has taken a lot of people many, many hours to get us to this point. I would like to express gratitude to owners, management, consultants, and members of our sales and marketing departments who put in the hours and ideas to make this happen.

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