Draper has a lot to unveil next week during InfoComm, including an INNOVATIVE SHIFT. But why wait a week? Here’s a sneak peek at a few of our latest innovations:

TecVision CH1200X ALR
A grey surface with an ALR rating of 20, TecVision CH1200X ALR rejects 80 percent of ambient lighting not being produced by the projector. CH1200X ALR is a high-contrast surface with excellent black retention. The higher 1.2 gain helps brighten the image in sizes up to 67 feet wide. Like the rest of Draper’s TecVision line, CH1200X ALR is 8K-ready and Imaging Science Foundation-certified for color accuracy, so users won’t notice the blue tints present in images on many other ambient light rejecting screens. CH1200X ALR is also available as a nanoperf surface for acoustical transparency.

Built for large venues, the Ropewalker is a great solution for settings with tall ceilings where the projection screen has to be mounted high above the floor. Ropewalker lowers a motorized screen housing from the ceiling using durable cables. A motorized projection screen descends from the housing to create a solution without black drop between the screen and the ceiling. Ropewalker can lower the screen housing up to 34 feet.

Draper’s new Acrobat is designed to raise and lower a wide range of products, including projection screens commonly used in large hotel ballrooms, convention centers, and on stages in gymnasiums, churches and other venues. Acrobat can lower projection screens up to 50 feet, eliminating the need for an extensive amount of black drop. The 1,500-pound lifting capacity allows Acrobat to easily handle other AV products, lights, backdrops, and more.

Motorized FlexShades
During InfoComm we’ll be showing off our quiet and flexible Motorized FlexShades—115v, 24V, and battery operated—for both interior and exterior applications. Draper shade products have hundreds of possible operation/control variations—including the ability to react to current sun conditions and tie into automation systems. These shades can also interface with third-party control systems. Add to that a line of decorative fabrics, and we can create a shading system to solve any issue—from controlling heat and glare to providing privacy.

The industry’s biggest flat panel look, the Profile+ sports a ½-inch-thin bezel. It frames any Draper flexible viewing surface up to 30 feet wide, and is available in HDTV (16:9), 16:10 and CinemaScope 2:35.1 aspect ratios. The new sliding hook-and-loop viewing surface attachment system is incredibly simple. The Profile+ also comes with a Zero Edge option—again, at 30 feet wide, the biggest in the industry.

FlexShade® Recharge
A quiet, battery-operated shade with rechargeable batteriesthe Recharge is available up to 12 feet high and 12 feet wide. The batteries last longer and are more powerful than those in other systems, and with no external battery wand, extra space isn’t required for the batteries. With long-lasting charges, the FlexShade Recharge battery is hidden safely inside the roller tube and can be recharged from a 110V outlet or an optional solar panel.

Sound-absorptive methods are already used to improve a room’s acoustics, but with EchoControl, sound reverberating off windows now can be reduced. EchoControl fabric offers a unique combination of acoustic and lighting control and comfort. Available on both motorized and manual shades, the EchoControl has a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.60. In addition to their sound-absorption properties, EchoControl’s window shades diffuse light, reduce glare, control solar heat gain, and reduce fading of interior furnishings.

Video Conferencing Camera Lift
With the redesigned Video Conferencing Camera Lift, a camera can lower to 10 feet below the ceiling, and remain centered. The “down” position of the camera also is more easily adjusted over a wide range to accommodate jobsite conditions or future changes in the screen. The new design can accommodate larger cameras. It is also being offered at a much lower price, making it a more affordable option for customers and an additional profit center for integrators.

Product innovations aren’t the only thing you’ll see in the Draper InfoComm booth. We’ll also be making a big announcement about our INNOVATIVE SHIFT. So, be sure to stop by booth 3342 and see how Draper is preparing for the future of AV. You can click here for more previews, and information on how to get a free show pass.

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