If you’re planning to attend the 2017 CEDIA Expo in September, I’ll be providing two educational courses to help you better understand projection screens and window shades. And with better understanding will come more opportunities for profit! Plus with early bird pricing ending today, now’s your chance to use less of that profit!

How to Control Natural Light Using Window Shades
The first class I’ll be leading is entitled “How to Control Natural Light Using Window Shades.” Since our first major effort at introducing shades into the CEDIA channel at last year’s Expo, I’ve had lots of integrators adding them to their product offerings. One of the most frequent topics of discussion is getting the right shade fabric for the site conditions.

To be honest, putting the same window shade in every window, on every elevation, is a mistake that many of us make. Picking a color for our shades because it matches the room decor is another. My presentation will help you understand why there are better ways to choose your window shades based on the desired outcome:

  • Performance,
  • Aesthetics, and
  •  A blend of both.

“How to Control Natural Light Using Window Shades” will take place Wednesday, September 6 from 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM in room 28 D.

Projection Screen Science Made Simple
I will also be leading a training session on projection screens. In “Projection Screen Science Made Simple,” I’ll take you on a deep dive into the world of modern projection screen technology. Today’s finest projection viewing surfaces are purpose-built solutions that deliver vibrant, engaging images because they have been designed to complement the projector, lighting, and site conditions. During this session I’ll:

  • Review the different types of screen surfaces available,
  • Cover how to use an online projection planner to choose the right size, format, and type of projection screen to meet relevant standards for every installation, including the new CEDIA CEA CEB23,
  • Demonstrate different screen surface types, and
  • Work through some real-world sample problems for a more hands-on experience.

“Projection Screen Science Made Simple” will be Wednesday, September 6 from 10:30 AM-12:00 PM, also in room 28 D.

I know CEDIA is still nearly two months away, but if you haven’t registered for the show, do it now! Today is the final day for early bird pricing, so you can get 25% off training and show floor access. When you do register, make sure you use the code DRAPER 17!

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