Turning a backyard into an outdoor home theatre is easier than ever thanks to Draper’s redesigned motorized outdoor projection screen.

Say hello to the Nocturne+!

The redesigned Nocturne+ features:

  • Easier installation.
  • Large screen sizes.
  • Weather- and insect-resistance.
  • Four viewing surface options.

The Nocturne+ is easier to install than its predecessor. Installation previously meant doing some disassembly of the screen case onsite before mounting the screen. Now, installers mount the brackets first, then simply place the screen case into the brackets.

Changes to the screen case also mean we can make the Nocturne+ in larger sizes. The motorized version is now available up to 11 feet wide.

The new screen case is weather- and insect-resistant, and its powder coated finish will stand up to the sun, rain, snow, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at it. The Nocturne+ ships standard with cable guides and a weighted dowel for maximum stability in breezy situations.

Choose from four viewing surfaces, depending on how and what time of day you plan to use your outdoor screen:

  • Choose Matt White XT1000E for viewing mostly after dark, or in an enclosed area with light control.
  • Contrast Grey XH800E provides better contrast and performs a bit better than Matt White if the sun isn’t quite down.
  • Use acoustically transparent ClearSound White Weave XT900E or Grey Weave XH600E if you plan to place the main speaker behind the screen.

Don’t settle—upscale your outside AV experience by tying the Nocturne+ into any AV control system, so when the projector and audio fire up, the screen will glide elegantly down, secured by the guide cables to prevent surface movement during viewing. When the movie’s over, the viewing surface retracts back to safety inside the screen case.

Our redesign also has some aesthetic advantages. The Nocturne+ screen case has the same look as our Exterior FlexShade® and FlexShade ZIP™. When you create your outdoor space, everything will match.

For more information on the Nocturne+, click here. If you’re ready to get your own back yard screen, click here to learn how to buy the Nocturne+.

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