The FlexShade® Recharge battery-powered window shade offers three obvious advantages that customers often highlight:

  • Bigger sizes than previous battery shades
  • Batteries are housed inside the roller, so no extra space is needed for battery wands
  • Batteries are rechargeable

But, there are many advantages to the Recharge, however; here are five of them:

The Ability to Set a scene.
One great benefit of the FlexShade Recharge is the ability to set scenes. A scene is a list of commands that are executed automatically or with a button press. Examples of scenes are:

  • All shades in room go close.
  • Shades on north side of building close; shades on south side open.
  • One shade closes; one opens; one opens halfway.

Scenes can be set to take place at a certain time using a timer built in to the Automate Pulse app. They can be scheduled to occur when you are away from home, or on a regular basis.

Using the optional Datahub and available drivers, you can use Control4 to control your FlexShade Recharge—including adding the shades in scenes involving other electronic devices. Recharge also comes with dry contact closure, so the same can be accomplished with any third-party control system with some programming work.

Multiple hardware options.
Some battery-powered products come with a limited or specific hardware option. Draper offers all of our hardware options with the FlexShade Recharge. Whether you want to use our headbox or fascia, or go with endcaps and build your own pocket, the FlexShade Recharge can be configured to fit your needs.

Recharge hardware also comes in our standard colors, so it fits in with other Draper shades on a project:

  • Clear Anodized
  • Black
  • Ivory
  • White
  • Bronze

If none of these standard colors is what you need, we can also provide custom colors.

Top-of-the-Line Rollease motor.
Draper relies on the world’s best components to give our quality shades long life. Nowhere is that more evident in our choice of motors. The FlexShade Recharge utilizes Wirefree motors from Rollease. These motors exert up to 3 Newton Meters, or y to 2.21 foot-pounds of lifting force. The Rollease Wirefree motors allow us to offer battery shades in larger sizes than ever before.

Any fabric, any color.
While the motor and hardware are important components of a window shade, it’s important to remember where the real work of a shade takes place—in the window opening. And the fabric does the  most shading work.

That’s why we don’t place any limits on what shade fabric and color you can order with the Recharge. There are size restrictions based on the thickness and weight, but with our thousands of fabric, openness, and color choices, we have the fabric solution you need—including those woven in the United States by Phifer.

Video help just a click away.
Want to know how to set limits using the wall switch/remote? Or the app? Have questions about setting up rooms and scenes for every shade in your building? We have lots of how-to videos, ready to help you through a plethora of tasks and issues.

Click here to see our list of videos on remote programming.

Click here for videos on the Automate Pulse app.

For more information on the FlexShade Recharge, click here.

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