We gauge the success of a trade show are by considering the quantity of conversations, and the quality of those talks and relationships. By both of these criteria, CEDIA 2017 was a great show for Draper. We had a lot of products and ideas to talk about, and we were busy sharing them throughout the show.

New look
The CEDIA Expo was our first opportunity to share Draper’s new look in the residential market, and the story behind it which is encapsulated in our tagline: focused on innovative solutions.

Draper is committed to the long term, and focused on providing the experience of quality and customer service that will ensure our future. We are innovative, investing in new, cutting edge equipment to sustain our growth and making breakthroughs in the quality and performance of our products. We are creating solutions, moving to a new level of custom capacity to meet new needs and opportunities that we are uniquely fitted to fill. The look, the logo, and the story behind it were all very well received.

Our favorite visitor, Moki, from our rep firm Bach Sales.

There was a lot of interest in projection solutions, especially our TecVision line of premium formulations. Our booth featured a 172″ diagonal Profile+ which was a huge attention getter. The surface was TecVision CS1200X ALR. It looked phenomenal in high ambient light conditions, and received an Excite! Award from Technology Integrator Magazine. We also used a Sim2 ultra short throw projector to project onto TecVision XT1000X, and even that looked fantastic despite the show floor lighting.

We also had our latest TecVision ALR formulation on display in Draper distributor ADI’s booth. ADI used an Optoma UHD65 4k projector with spectacular results.

FlexShade Recharge
If there’s one topic that is hot every year at CEDIA, it’s control systems. We capitalized on the popularity of the Amazon Echo voice control system by using one to operate a FlexShade Recharge. The Recharge has many advantages, including large sizes (up to 12 feet high by 12 feet wide), time between charges, ease of recharging, an app that controls the shade and tells you when it’s time to recharge, and the optional ability to recharge with a solar panel. And, while it was nice to tell people there is a Google Home driver coming soon, visitors loved telling Alexa to raise and lower the shade.

On the down side, I lost my voice before the show even started, so I spent most of my time keeping quiet-ironic, given our focus on voice control with the FlexShade Recharge. Luckily, we had a great team in the CEDIA booth to take up the slack and make the show such a success!

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