More and more businesses are paying their bills using a credit card. Although Draper has accepted credit card payment by phone for many years, we recently added a new online credit card payment system for our customers. You can now pay at your own convenience, without giving someone you don’t know your credit card information over the phone. And you can be confident that your credit card information will not be compromised since we do not store your credit card information.

There are two ways to use our online payment system. The easiest, most basic is to go to This page allows you to quickly pay the full amount of a single sales order or invoice. Draper does not keep credit card information, so while this is the quickest, most convenient way to submit your payment, we will not have a copy of the receipt (you will, however, receive a receipt when the payment is processed).

The best way to use the online payment system is through the Pro Portal. By making payments through the Pro Portal, you can pay for multiple orders at once, and make partial payments. And while we still won’t keep your credit card information, you can view all of your invoices and see instant receipts for payment. In the past we charged when shipped, so a dealer didn’t know exactly when they would be charged.

To make payments through the Pro Portal, you must be registered for a Pro Portal account. You must also be approved by our accounting department to view invoices. Once that approval has been processed, you will see a link to pay invoices with your credit card. Please note there is a $400,000 limit per credit card.

If you aren’t registered to use the Pro Portal, click here and set up your account today! To get approval to see and pay invoices through the portal, contact your Draper representative. You can also email our credit department or call (765) 987-7999 extension 7005.

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