Last month, Lee Distad, a columnist for rAVe Pubs, asked this question of his readers: “When was the last time you did an AV demo?”

Distad pointed out that it’s important for AV dealers to perform demonstrations, and to keep them updated, interesting, and impactful.

With that in mind, here are five ways Draper can help you up your AV demo game and impress your customers.

Make it Immersive
One of projection’s big advantages is size. We can make a huge screen for the money and really make the experience much more immersive. And the experience is what it’s all about. Don’t skimp on size in your demo room—go big and knock your customers’ socks off!

Hide the Screen and Projector
A little sleight of hand adds to the demo experience, and also demonstrates how you don’t need to have your projector and screen hanging in the room when not in use. If you tie the screen, lift, and lights into an automation system, then you can make it feel like a real theatre experience—the lights fade, the screen and lift lower into the space, and the show starts!

Put the Speakers Behind the Screen
The best place to put your main speakers for maximum audio impact is right in front of the viewers. Instead of having the speakers below or slightly off to the sides of the screen, use an acoustically transparent viewing surface so the speakers can be located right behind the screen.

Use 4K and HDR Content
Make sure your demo material is just as up to date as the equipment. Showing 4K and High Dynamic Range content really ups the experience for the customer, but only if the screen is up to the task. Use a screen surface that has been ISF-certified for color accuracy and that is also a minimum of 4K-ready. That way you won’t lose any of the benefits of 4K and HDR because of the screen.

Turn on the Lights
Not all of your customers will want a dark room theatrical experience—they may be planning a multi-use room, so they can invite friends over for sports or big events. Using an ambient light rejecting viewing surface will show that you can have a screen in a lit room. To fully demonstrate the difference an ALR surface can make, use a wall-mounted white surface with the lights out, then turn on the lights and lower a motorized ALR surface in front of it. The stark difference can definitely make a big impact.

To start finding the Draper solution for your demo room, home theatre, or any other projection need, click here.

Click here to read Lee Distad’s full piece, “When was the last time you did an AV demo?”

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