Graphic window shades are more than just a fringe idea. They can be a relevant and unique part of your building’s presentation. And they can both encourage and inspire employees and potential customers. Here are just five ways you can use graphic shades to take your building to the next level:

Coordinate Your Colors
There’s no reason window shades can’t be coordinated with your building décor. While there are hundreds of fabric color and pattern choices, sometimes there may not be a perfect match. Graphic shade printing technology means Draper technicians can take color samples and use them to come up with the perfect custom color shade to fit right in.

Bring the Great Outdoors Indoors
Not every window has a great view of nature, so why not use graphic shades to add it? Interior windows that look out over bleak courtyards or offices where the only view is another building can be turned into calming art by adding some nature scenes or natural patterns with graphic shades.

Reach Potential Customers for Free
Exterior advertising can be costly. Graphic shades can help you make use of a “free” commodity: your windows. Whether using a single window or spreading your message across a bank of them, graphic shades can be printed with your eye-catching artwork and snappy message to get attention.

Inspire Your Employees
Shades can also be used to deliver subtle and well-designed messages inside your building. Use graphic shades to display inspirational sayings or artwork, while also reducing glare and solar heat gain. Just remember that any quotes or artwork must be in the public domain or you must own the rights to display them.

Get On-Trend
One way to spice things up is to use Pantone’s color of the year: 18-3838 Ultra Violet. Pantone describes it as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade.”

“The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute. “It’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.”

Use Ultra Violet in a special graphic or pattern on your shades to bring that extra wow factor to your building.

These are just a few ideas. The only real limits for Graphic FlexShades® is your imagination. For more information, including technical requirements, click here.

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