Don’t you hate it when something goes wrong? It’s especially frustrating when there is no solution offered.

A great example is when you are looking for something on the Internet, and you get the dreaded error code 404: page not found. Of course, such error codes are necessary, to let you know something has gone wrong.

But it leaves you sitting there, staring at a useless web page, wondering what to do next.

Our customer service department takes the 404 lesson to heart. We will never leave you hanging, wondering what happens when a mistake is made and something goes wrong.

And things will go wrong. After all, pobody’s nerfect—not even Draper!

Here are a few of the more common errors that crop up, and what we do to mitigate the consequences:

Delivery Error
Freight carriers have sometimes been known to misdirect freight to the incorrect location. When this happens, we do the legwork with the carrier to locate the items and get them sent to the correct location. Depending on the urgency of the delivery, or the result of the error, we may set up a replacement order instead to make sure the customer gets what is needed in time.

Wrong Address
Customers sometimes reference the incorrect delivery address on a purchase order, and it is already in transit before the error is caught. Again, we will do the legwork; we contact the freight carrier and re-consign the shipment to the correct address for the customer.

Order Changes
Sometimes a change order on a product comes in after the purchase order was placed in our system. When this happens, we locate the product within the production process and then assist to alter the order according to the dealer’s request.

Incorrect Parts
Have you ever opened a package and found you don’t have the correct parts to put together what you ordered? This happens occasionally and, when it does, it’s a priority. Draper supplies the correct brackets or electrical component for most items within 1-2 days.

Missed Ship Date
Not getting a product made and shipped on time is embarrassing and a nuisance for everyone involved, but it can happen. If we miss a ship date for manufacturing reasons, our customer service immediately reports the delay via email. Draper will work to get the order out the door ASAP, but dealers can either call customer service or access the Draper Pro Portal for order status updates. We will also send an email, including tracking information, as soon as the order does ship.

Nobody’s perfect, but when these or other errors occur, Draper won’t leave you stranded and confused, staring at a metaphorical 404 page. We always work with our customers to keep you informed of solutions and timing.

(Wonder where the 404 error code mentioned above came from? Check out this possible explanation:

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