Are you still on the fence about battery-powered shades?

Since Draper introduced the FlexShade® Recharge a year ago, many dealers and end users have embraced battery shade technology, but we do still get questions from people who are skeptical. What those people may not realize is that the Recharge uses the same lithium-ion battery technology found in smartphones, laptops, and cars. Knowing that probably helps, but you may still have some questions. Here are some of the more common ones:

How many cycles per charge?
The lithium-ion batteries used in the Recharge can power about 500 up/down cycles between charges. That can change depending on shade size and fabric weight. Based on one up/down cycle per day, a typical charge will last about a year-and-a-half under normal operation.

How many times can they be recharged?
The rechargeable Li-ion motors can be recharged around 500 times. Life cycle testing, which includes radio sleep/wake cycling and load testing, indicate that the Recharge can be successfully recharged 500 times.

If I leave them plugged in, will they become overcharged?
No. The FlexShade Recharge charge management circuit adjusts the amount of electrical current feeding the battery. As it reaches its maximum charge, the circuit limits the current, then shuts off the power once the battery is fully charged.

Do the batteries require more frequent charging as they age?
All batteries degrade over time. Life cycle testing conducted on the FlexShade Recharge suggests the battery will degrade slowly over time – the rate depends on load, environmental conditions, manufacturing, and use. But it can hold a full charge—500 charges—for the duration of its useful life.

Are the batteries safe?
Yes. The batteries used in the Recharge meet several UL standards, and are tested to cover all aspects of safety, including temperature extremes, vibration, shock, impact, and more. For more on testing and safety of the Recharge and other battery shades, click here to read a blog post on the subject.

What is the FlexShade Recharge’s maximum size?
In general, the FlexShade Recharge is available up to 12’ wide, although this depends on the height and the fabric being used. Dealers can consult our price list for more details or you can contact your Draper representative.

What kind of warranty do you offer?
We offer a 5-year warranty on the Recharge motors and controls, while mounting hardware, headbox or fascia, and the fabric are covered for 25 years. There are some fabric exceptions. You can click here to download our complete shade warranty.

For information on the FlexShade Recharge, click here to go to the main product page on our website.

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