Very large window openings require extra-wide window shades. However, wider shades also typically mean larger, heavier headbox profiles that are more expensive and can be harder to install.

That’s why we’ve introduced two new motorized shading solutions available up to 25’ wide with smaller, lighter profiles. The Motorized FlexShade® XL and the FlexShade® ZIP XL are both available in the new FlexShade price list, which takes effect Monday, February 19. These new solutions do away with any disadvantages typical of wide shades. Here are just a few advantages they offer:

Easier Installation Than Competitive Products
We’ve had many requests from dealers for more products with cassette-style headboxes. A cassette-style shade is delivered as a complete, enclosed unit, and is installed that way. That means there is no assembly required onsite, and no separate installation of headbox or fascia and brackets or endcaps. The FlexShade ZIP XL installation is easier than competitors’ zip products over 16’ wide.

Aesthetic Improvements
We repurposed our ZIP 127 (5″ x 5″) headbox for both the interior Motorized FlexShade XL and the exterior FlexShade ZIP XL. The smaller angled or curved profile blends better and is available in six hardware colors, plus optional custom colors to match your design.

Despite the small profile, an integrated cradle support system minimizes deflection that can cause wrinkles to develop in the fabric.

Despite the headbox’s small size, the ZIP XL’s wind resistance is not compromised. The fabric panel’s welded zip edges run inside inner channels in the side guide extrusions. These inner channels are held inside the side guide extrusion and have cushioning pads to dampen the movement of the fabric panel under wind load.

In addition, you never again have to worry about sticks or other debris causing an exterior shade to stop short of closed, while the motor continues to run. All ZIP shades now come equipped as standard with obstruction detection motors. As soon as the hem bar touches an obstacle, the motor stops.

For more information on these two new wider shades, consult the 2018 FlexShade price list, effective Monday, February 19. If you haven’t received your copy yet, you can log in to Draper’s Pro Portal and download your copy. Registration is free.

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