Interior designers just play with color and fabric swatches, right? If that’s your view, you need to rethink! They are extremely important to an architectural firm. They have a great deal to do with how a designed space looks and feels.

The interior designer researches, plans, and manages the overall aesthetic of the building. That includes choosing finishes for walls, ceilings, and floors, interior window treatments, furnishings, lighting, and more.

Designers have a lot to consider in making the finished product come together. That’s why Draper works to make an interior designer’s job easier in several ways.

Swatches and Samples
It’s important from a design perspective to be able to see and touch the shade fabric and compare it in place with other options. Draper has samples of every fabric and color in our line, and in whatever form they’re needed. We offer swatch cards for each fabric, individual 8” x 10” swatches, and fabric books with easy-to-remove samples. We also have samples of hardware finishes and projection screen materials. Interior designers can use our online request site to order fabric samples whenever they run out, or have them shipped directly to the building site or the customer for their input on the choices.

A Wide Range of Choices
While designers have favorite palettes and schemes they return to, it’s important to be able to meet any need. Draper offers hundreds of fabric color and openness choices. Our line includes fabrics from many manufacturers, including US-made Phifer SheerWeave and Mermet fabrics. It’s easy to see everything we offer on the Draper website. We have an online tool that allows you to filter and compare fabrics by manufacturer, color, openness factor, certification, or composition.

Print Room/Color Matching
While there are hundreds of fabric color and pattern choices, sometimes there may not be a perfect match. Even so, there’s no reason window shades can’t be coordinated with your building décor. Graphic shade printing technology means Draper technicians can take color samples and use them to come up with the perfect custom color shade to fit right in. We can also work with Phifer to develop a custom weave. Custom powder coated hardware colors are also available.

Project Photos/View-Through Simulator
Catalogs featuring project photos with Draper products that are available online in our Guest Portal. Each product page on our website also has many photos of our products in action, and we have portfolios available as well.

In addition, we’ve developed an online simulation to help understand the effect of fabric color and openness on the view through a window. Click here to give it a try.

Draper’s architectural regional sales managers are always ready to meet with interior designers to share our resources and provide updates. Click here to find your Draper representative and schedule a meeting.

This is part two in a series of posts looking at how Draper supports various functions in an architectural firm. To read part one, about project architects, click here.

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