Specification writers are really just doing what someone else tells them to do, right? Not hardly. Spec writers are responsible for putting together a specification describing the building and everything in it. They must consider and account for a plethora of technical details. The easier it is for them to find the information they need, the more projects they can complete.

Draper helps spec writers in their quest to find the information they need in several ways:

Three-Part Specifications
Spec writers have a long list of products that need to be written into the overall building specification, so Draper makes it as easy as possible for them to include a product. There is a specification on the web page of every Draper product sold in the architectural market. All of our specifications are written in 3-part MasterFormat. All a spec writer has to do is delete paragraphs that aren’t needed, then copy and paste!

Spec-Building Tools
Not all firms use the same system for design and specification. That’s why Draper specifications are included in services like BSD SpecLink and AVITRU (formerly ARCOM). We also offer tools to build custom specs. SpecWizards for projection screens and window shades reside on the ARCAT website. For gymnasium equipment, Draper’s EZ-Spec builder is available without registration in the Draper Toolbox on our free Guest Portal.

Comparison Sheets
Sometimes a specification writer may not be familiar with a Draper product, and need a quick and easy rundown to see how it meets specifications. We have compiled several comparison sheets that tell you everything you need to know. These sheets are available by contacting your Draper representative.

Easy-to-Find Technical Documents
It’s also handy to have access to drawings, BIM objects, specifications, and other technical documentation, but who has the extra time to go searching for them? Draper has made this easy, too. There are two simple ways to access technical documents, depending on your preference.

On every product page on our website, there is a “Technical Documents” tab. You’ll find a link to every downloadable technical document available for that product, including everything mentioned above, plus installation instructions, and submittals.

We also have a technical documents tool. Go here and find the product you need. A list of all available downloadable documents for that product will appear.

This is part three in a series of posts looking at how Draper supports various functions in the architectural building market. To read part one of this series, about project architects, click here. To read part two, on interior designers, click here.

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